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Clarus Care, Inc.

The Challenge

Clarus Care is a technology startup that created a product for doctors to manage their patient calls—both during the work day and after hours. After the product was released, there were technical issues and desired product enhancements, but their existing technology firm wasn’t responsive and the product was stagnant for 9 months. They needed a new technology partner to maintain and update this critical product.

Our Work

We used agile development methodology to tackle the biggest technical issues and user requests in 4 week sprints to improve both the iOS and Android apps. We automated the app release process using Azure DevOps and CI/CD so that new features could be more easily added, tested and released to production. Technical issues were addressed and crash free users went from 88.84% to 93.26% in 3 months. App usage also increased by 30% thanks to the improvements.


Key features of the app:

  • Added push notifications
  • Added audio play for content
  • Easier to add new features and maintain performance


Industries: Healthcare, Technology, Startup


Please visit https://claruscare.com/ for more details. 

Tech Stack
  • Andriod SDK
  • Java
Project Length

6+ Months


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